The story of the U.S.S. Iwo Jima, The independent Star Trek Fan Group

As members of Starfleet International, Rear- Admiral Jonathan Slavin, his kids  Cadets  Ben and Zoe, along with Lt Commander Eric Weisberg. Desired to form their own ship (which is what a chapter called) with in the organization. They intended to have it located in the New York City area.

While attending a local area Star Trek convention, Michael Uckman was recruited and joined Starfleet.

While meeting over dinner discussing the formation of the new chapter. When the discussion of what to name the new fledging chapter?

The credit goes to Ben Slavin, who was six years old. When he asked “What was the name of the battle that the American Flag was raised on top of a mountain?”

The Battle of Iwo Jima.


The paperwork was submitted and was granted for a Chapter-in-training. Now called  Shuttle Iwo Jima with a ship registry number of NX-74502 U.S.S. Iwo Jima. With Jonathan Slavin as the Commanding Officer and Eric Weisberg as Executive Office.

The U.S.S. Iwo Jima was founded by (only listing current active members are listed):

Commanding Office: Rear Admiral Jonathan Slavin

Executive Office: Lt. Commander Eric Weisberg

Operations Officer: Lt.  Michael Uchman

Tactical Officer:  Cadet Benjamin Slavin

Navigator Officer: Cadet Zoe Slavin

The command structure of the U.S.S. Iwo Jima is lead by a “steering Committee” that comprises the founding members. The Commanding Office/Club President makes suggesting to the committee on planed events, actions, and activities. Who then vote on it. The Commanding office does not vote but can cast tie breaker vote. This enables members of the committee member to have an active say in their club.


Summer of 2009,  the shuttle designation changed to full Chapter  status with in the organization. Now it  was called N.C.C. 75402 U.S.S. Iwo Jima. The ships complement were over fifteen members at that time.


By early 2012, the  five active members voted and made two important decision. The first  was to remove from the ships all non- active members. These were members who were recruited at local area conventions but were never active in the club.  It was a requirement to maintain a chapter roster of ten member a year. Since many of these new member had never participate and would let their memberships laps. It would force the active members to keep looking for replacement to maintain the yearly  ten member roster.

The second important vote the members decided to not renew their memberships in Starfleet. Instead to take the Iwo Jima independent.

The member were no longer interested in maintaining their active memberships and felt disenfranchised with the organization. Especially Admiral Jonathan Slavin and Eric Weisberg was a member for over twelve years.

Since 2012, the member of the U.S.S. Iwo Jima, left Starfleet International.  They decided to embark on a new adventure as an independent fan group.

Shortly after going independent, the Steering Committee voted and promoted Rear-Adm. Jonathan Slavin to  full rank of Admiral.

At the suggestion to the Steering Committee and who agreed, promoted Executive Office, Commander Eric Weisberg to rank of Vice Admiral.

Hanane Dbagat joined the club and commissioned as a Lieutenant.

Lt. Commander Michael Uchman promoted to the rank of Commander.


Lieutenant Hanane Dbaget promoted to the rank of Lt. Commander.

Commander Michael Uchman promoted to rank of Captain.

Cadet  Midshipman Benjamin Slavin promoted to rank of Cadet Lieutenant (Junior Grade).

Cadet  Midshipman Zoe Slavin promoted to Cadet Ensign.


Lieutenant Commander Hanane Dbaget promoted to the rank of Commander.

The Steering Committee voted  and approved by Commanding Officer Admiral Jonathan Slavin.

Appointed Commander Hanane Dbaget to the Steering Committee with full voting rights.

Commander Michael Uchman protmoted to the rank of Rear Admiral (Lower Half).

Cadet Midshipman  Lieutenant (J.G.) Benjamin Slavin promoted to the rank of Cadet Lieutenant.

Cadet Midshipman Ensign Zoe Slavin promoted to Cadet Lieutenant (Junior Grade)


Commander Hanane Dbaget promoted to Capatian

Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Michael Uchman promoted to Rear Admiral (Upper Half)

Cadet Lieutenant Benjamin Slavin promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Graduated out of Cadet program. Gained full voting rights on the Steering Committee.

Cadet Lieutenant (junior Grade) Zoe Slavin promoted to Cadet Lieutenant.


The tenth anniversary of the U.S.S. Iwo Jima.

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