Prolog - The World in Chaos

Between the years of 1939 - 1945, the major nations of the Earth was plunged into another global Military conflict that came to be known as the Second World War. Prior to the start of the war in Europe when group of sadistic vial men seized power in Italy and in Germany a group called the Nazi seized power.  Their leader pleaded to avenge their country's lose of the First World War. In Germany the Nazi used hate to brainwash a nation.  In Italy another faciest  form of government came to power. Promising world conquests and expansion of territory. Then on September 1, 1939, Germany invaded the country of Poland. The countries of Great Britain and France declared War on Germany. Eventually this came to be known as the European Theater. Spread across the Contentment, into Asia, and parts of North Africa.

Treachery  and Deceit

At the tail end of 1941, While the Government of the United States who had not yet entered the global conflict. Were in the middle of conducting negotiating a non-belligerent treaty with Japan. Prior to the these high level talks, the United States had engaged in a Trade embargo and froze the assets of Japan. As punishment for their invasion of China. in 1937. The reported atrocities that the Japanese carried out on the Chines civilians.

While the two countries negotiated a resolution to ease tension and to keep America out of the conflict in Washington
D.C., the capital of the United States.

At the same time The Imperial Military Forces of Japan. Engaged in belligerent act of aggression.

Early on the morning of December 7th, 1941. A Japanese naval fleet that included four Aircraft Carriers secretly sailed within 300 nautical miles of the American Joint forces Base at Peal Harbor, Hawaii.  Where they carried out an early morning aerial Sneak Attach on the United States  Forces stationed there.  The Americans were caught off guard and lost ships and other military assets and a high numbers of casualties and fatalities.

Japan thought that by attacking the American base. They would also sink the American Aircraft Carries. Coupled with The loss of the American Pacific Fleet. The Unites States would have been forced to sign an armrests with Japan. They also thought the American public would not have the stomach to fight and instead maintain their neutrality.

On the Same day Japan continued with their offensive and aggressive actions against other nations. They attacked the British territories of Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaya. This resulted in both the United States and England declaring  war on Japan. The actions of Japan came to be called the Pacific Theater.

Due to Japan’s swift aggressive actions. They were able to forcefully conquering territories to increase their territorial holding. For vital resources such as metals, Rubber, and Oil. Needed to feed their military forces to continue their territorial expansion across the South East Asia and the Pacific. They pushed the United States out of the Philippines, Guam and Wake Island. The British out of Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Burma. As well as China, the peninsula of Korea. Attempted to invade India, New Zealand, and Australia. Establish a foothold on Unites States soil. When they invaded the islands of Attu and Kriska Islands off Alaska.

The Giant is Awoken

The United States declared war on Japan. Germany who were allied with Japan as members of the Axis Powers. In turn Declared war on America.

After the Attack on the American Forces. The united States was able to repair the destroyed ships. Many returned to service. The industrial ability and might turned the United States in to “The Arsenal of Freedom”. Which  turned out vast numbers of ships, planes, tanks, arms and material to support a global conflict. America was in turn ready to take on the forces of Japan.  As well as against Germany as well. Their goal was the unconditional surrender of Japan and Germany.

                        Turning The Tide

As the calendar turned to Spring, 1942. After the Japanese Naval losses at the Battles of the Carol Sea. Then decisively
destroyed at The Battle of Midway (1942). When United States air craft from it three participating Aircraft Carries sunk the four Aircraft Carriers of Japan (pictured on the right). The combined losses of ships and experienced pilots the Imperial Forces of Japan never recovered. They were put on the defensive.

The combined Allied Military Forces of the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia. Slowly began to reclaim lost territories and started to push Japan back towards its home islands.

                        The Finial Push

As the calendar turned to 1945. The Allies continued their relentless march across the pacific. The United States would strategically invaded and captured important islands held by the Japanese. That had air fields, which the United States would use for their round the clock aerial bombing campaign of the Japanese home island. Also islands with ports deep enough to use as logistical supply staging points. For the massive naval armada the United States assembled.

In early 1945 the United States planed Operation Dispatch. To invade the Japanese island called Iwo Jima. Which is a 7.5 miles long “pork chop shaped” and lies 809 miles from mainland Japan. The island was deemed vital for the Air base  and to destroy the Radar Station that was used by the Japanese Military. To intercept with fighters  the American massive B-29 Super Fortress Bombers  on their way two and from Japan. Form the recently captured Marshall Islands.  The island would be used to station fighters to escort the Bombers and for emergency lands field for damaged bombers.

Prior to the American invasion. The 21,000 Japanese forces turned Iwo Jima into a death trap. With interlocking fields of fire from hidden tunnels and reinforced concert  fortifications of machine guns?, mortar, and canon. They turned the dormant Volcano Mt. Suribachi into an impregnable Fortress at the southern tip of the island. Which was used as a command and Control center as bunker impenetrable from the areal and navel bombardment.  Their strategy was to make the Americans think twice about invading the home islands.They wanted to inflict as much carnage on the Invaders as possible.

For ten days prior to the invasion. The a fleet of 450 United States Navy ships took up portions around the island. This fleet included 8 Battleships and 8 Cruisers bombarded the island from the sea and air elements for the participating aircraft Carriers and the Army Air Corps from near by bases.

On the morning of February 19th, the American began their invasion of Iwo Jima with a force close to 70,000 personal. A combined force of Army (147th Regiment),  Marines (3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Marine Division) and Navel personal. For two days the Japanese did not respond to the invasion. As more troops and supplies were brought a shore. The Americans thought that the previous ten day bombardment eliminated many of the defenders.

At 10 am local time the Japanese defenders opened up on the American land forces. Who were pinned down on the landing beaches.

As the American had not means of cover sue to the terrain. Large number of the Invaders were killed or wounded as they tried to push in words.

Four days into the battle a small unite of American fought their way up Mt. Suribachi when they reached the top they took
a piece of broken pipe as a make shift flag pole. Where they attached a 54X28 inch United States Flag. Raised the flag for the their position.

The Immortalized Second Flag Raising

Offshore  and from the beach the flag could be seen yet too small. Instead a second much larger flag 96X58 inch flag was . Again the a small group of Marines Made their way up Mt. Suribachi. This raising of the second flag was captured on film and photographed. This became the iconic picture that is for ever remembered and depicted on painting and Memorials. (pictured on the right)

The battle for control of the island  continued to raged on. It took a month for United States Military forces to capture the Island. The Battle was a slug match with a very high mortality rates on both sides.

  1. Of the 21,000 Imperial Japanese force defending the island. Under 200 were captured or surrendered to American Forces

  1. 7,000 United States Marians, Naval, and Army personal died during the battle.

Operation Iceberg 

The next and finial major battle of the of the Second World War. The Allied powers planed their next objective which would bring them closer to their eventual objective of invading mainland Japan. They close an island, Okinawa, which is 350 nautical miles from main land Japan and large enough to support  and sustain an invasion force.

One April 1 American forces supported by a Naval armada that contained Bristish, New Zeland, and Austrian elements. Invaded the the island of Okinawa. This was the one of the most savage act of carnage. Atrocities committed by Attacker and Defender. The island contained a large number of civilians who were not speared from the destruction. Many where taught to believe the “Americans were coming to kill and rape the woman”. Carried out suicide attacks on American forces. When they surrendered or were captured.  The finical defenders in many cases fought to the last man standing. As American in the Pacific struggled to dispatch the remaining remnants of Japanese forces. The Japanese government even ordered for male middle to high school school children were conscripted into front line soldiers. Which forced American personal to kill these fanatical defenders.

By the 22nd of June the island was secured in the hands of the Allies. The finial total of human life changed the course of mankind.

  1. Estimated 110,000 Japanese Military personal killed. Which were originally a force of 76,000 and another 20,000  native Okinawa conscripts. Defended the island from the Allied invaders.

  1. At the conclusion of the battle an estimated 7,000 Japanese defenders were either captured or surrendered.

  1. The United States invaded the island with an invasion force of around 250,000 Military personal. Out of that force  close to 23,000 were killed.

  1. From the original civilian population of 300,00. It was estimated that from 40,000 t0 150,000 were killed or committed suicide.

End of a European Nightmare

While the Battle of Okinawa raged on to a bloody conclusion. Half a world away, on May 8, 1945 The the Nazi regime of Germany unconditionally surrendered to a combined Allied force of United States, Great Britain, Canadian, Free France, Free Polish and Russia. When Russian forces entered Berlin the Capital of Germany. Many of the Nazi leaders committed suicide or were captured. Thus ended the European Theater of the Second World War. Came to forever be known as Victory In Europe Day.

Epilogue - Peace achieved

After conclusion of the both the Battle of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. The Allied powers came to a decision that an eventual planed invasion of Imperial Japan. Was canceled due to high los of live on both sides where projected estimates of civilian deaths to be in the millions. If the invasion was to take place as planed could with lose of life by allied forces. Also it was project that to force Japan to surrender the war could have raged into the next decade. This would have been an unacceptable to the allied Leaders and to the their citizens who have already experienced enough hardship and suffering.

Instead as an alternative to invasion.  They first asked the Japanese government to unconditional surrender. Or a new
Super Weapon would be used on the Japanese. Japan instead demanded the Allies to surrender to them.

Then on August 6th, 1945, the United States used for the first time this new destructive Super Weapon, the Atomic Bomb. When it was dropped over the city of Hiroshima, Japan. (pictured on the right)

Again Japan refused to surrender when asked. This resulted in the United States on August 9th to drop a second atomic bomb on the industrial city of Nagasaki.

  1. An estimated 292,000 were killed from the two Atomic Bombs.

  1. An estimated 225,000 Japanese were wounded from the two Atomic Bombs.

From the user of the two bombs, Japan finally unconditionally surrendered on the August 14th, 1945. While Victory over
Japan is officially designated at September 2, 1945. When Japan officially signed the declaration of Peace in Tokyo bay on board the American Battleship the U.S.S. Missouri. (pictured on the right)


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